About me

profile-picMy name is Corin (pronounced CORE-in). I graduated from film school in 2007 and launched this site in February of 2016 because I love writing about horror films. While there is certainly a variety in the particular films I review, I do have two primary goals for this site. They are to review the sickest, darkest movies ever made and to compare every horror remake to the original, with the exception of the classic Universal monster films. I am deliberately omitting them from the site because there is simply no way to way to do a fair comparison of the immensely influential and iconic early works and their subsequent iterations.

I place my focus on the darkest and most deviant art because I believe the best films are those that break taboos and push boundaries as far as they can go. I am a very firm believer in the idea that anything people want to express in art can and must be allowed to be expressed. Art that shocks, provokes and horrifies is often the most profound and what is considered shocking is always dependent on the time period and culture it is viewed in. Within that freedom though, there is an essential component that is absolutely required, and that is consent.

Consent is everything when deciding what can and cannot be shown. Consent is the difference between sex and rape and the difference between a boxing match and an assault. If all parties do not (or cannot) consent to what is happening, than what is happening is not okay, simple as that. This is why filming actual instances of rape, murder, child sexual abuse and animal cruelty is rightfully illegal but fictional depictions are not only acceptable but an important part of coping with the real life horrors we face in the world every day. Keep in mind that no matter how horrible or disturbing a fictional scene is, there will always be a real-world equivalent that surpasses it.

Beyond even the moral implications, I also find real violence to be a cheap tactic to elicit a visceral response. Any asshole can shock you by killing an animal and filming it but when a film is able to horrify you to your core simply by creating a realistic illusion, that is something to be admired.


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